Selank is a synthetic neuropeptide of the human body?s naturally produced tetrapeptide Tuftsin. Selank is used as an anxiolytic in the therapy of phobic disorders notably anxiety. It is a selective anxiolytic which also has nootropic ability. Its mode of action is similar to mild benzodiazepins without sedative effects. Selank is one of the many peptides currently undergoing registration for mass production as it can be used for the treatment of general anxiety, depression, and fear and phsychic tension. It has been noted that Selank can improve focus, mental sharpness, and memory learning capacity and reduce mental fatigue.
Another property of Selank is it expresses immunomodulatory effects. It was observed in study conducted by F.Ershov et all, that selank ??completely supressed viral reproduction when added to cell culture 24 hours before inoculation. This product is NOT for human consumption and can be harmful if ingested. These products is intended for use as a research peptide only.

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